Congressman Culberson Comments After Health Care Reform Passes

From the office of  Congressman John Culberson  R – Texas

Democrats’ Prescription for America: More Taxes and Less Liberty

Tonight the House of Representatives passed a health care “reform” bill that will cost the taxpayers another trillion dollars, fundamentally alter one-sixth of the nation’s economy, and subject millions of Americans to dependence on the federal government. I have been a fierce opponent of this bill from the beginning, and today cast a very strong “No” vote against it. It is often said that there are two things Americans should never see: sausage being made and a bill being passed.

Having witnessed Speaker Pelosi bring this bill to the floor, I’m hard pressed to tell the difference. With 34 Democrats joining Republicans in voting against this government takeover of health care, the only thing bipartisan about this bill was the opposition to it. The problem with American health care today isn’t quality; it’s cost. Thus, reform should focus on bringing down costs by making insurance tax deductible, portable, and available across state lines; by rooting out fraud, and by protecting doctors from frivolous lawsuits; not raising taxes by $569 billion during a recession and imposing an unconstitutional individual mandate. I am ashamed of the way the House of Representatives has conducted itself during this process, and remain committed to protecting the integrity of the institution and representing the 7th District of Texas as a fiscal conservative. ###

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  1. You do not have to be ashamed. You did what you could. But we don’t have the numbers. And the reason we don’t have the numbers are two-fold. The first reason for our lack of numbers can be tied to three major mistakes by the Republican Party during their years of power. These mistakes were idiotic/ridiculous spending that wasn’t brought under control, letting the war in Iraq drag on way too long, and perhaps worst of all was George Bush’s (And the Republican Party as well) failure to fight back against the attacks brought against him by the CORRUPT MEDIA. Notice I do not call them the “biased” or liberal media. They are CORRUPT and I will call them the CORRUPT MEDIA until the day I die. When the corrupt media levies a steady stream of lies against you and you don’t expose them, people will believe the corrupt media. Just recall how they got slammed by Dan Rather’s garbage article about George Bush’s service. That one exposure probably cost John Kerry the election. Imagine how much better things would be if you had actively exposed their corruption.

    Our second problem are the multitude of idiots that vote Democratic because “They are the party of FDR and my parents voted for them because they are for the little guy so I will always vote for them too.” Most of the voters with this mindset are appalled at this vote as well. But they can’t come to the reality that this party is no longer the party of FDR and they are no longer for the little guy. We as voters have a RESPONSIBILITY to know what a person stands for before we give them our vote. And if they hide their views from us as Barack Obama did in 2008, we need to have the wisdom to see through this. He didn’t fool me. These people who voted for Barack based on their view of him being an FDR Democrat are 100X stupider than a parent who sends their 3 year old child outside to play with a loaded gun. The 3 year old with a loaded gun can only hurt as many people as there are bullets in the gun. But the damage this bill will cause by ill informed voters will be measured in millions of lives cut short when the government is forced to ration our healthcare due to the exorbinant cost this will bring on our society.

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