Dear Citizens of Houston,

Let me assure you that the State of the City is fundamentally strong. Even with the financial challenges facing Houston, I feel comfortable that we have a plan to move our city forward into an “Era of Innovation.”

Without raising property taxes, we will identify ways to streamline, modernize and reform the core functions of municipal government. We will audit city services to identify savings opportunities and I am implementing a Hire Houston First policy to encourage the use of local companies and hiring of local workers for city projects.

We are working with the business community and regional allies to attract and retain jobs as well as stimulate new international business development.  Not only do we want to remain the oil and gas capital of the country, we also want to be the sustainable and renewal energy capital.  And, work continues to save NASA’s manned space flight Constellation program.

I call upon all citizens to do their part and join Volunteer Houston, an initiative which will utilize citizen support in a variety of city functions.

It is a tough economic time, but just as my family persevered when the economy cost my parents their home and their business in the 1980s, I pledge that the City of Houston will balance our budget as we strive to maintain the full faith and credit of all of our citizens. 

I respectfully ask for your help.

Annise Parker


To read the entire text of the prepared 2010 State of the City address,


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