Mayor Parker To Lead Houston Gay Pride Parade

In 2000,  Lee Brown began the city’s first Mayor to ride in the Houston Gay Pride Parade.  

Years later,  Bill White would make news headlines when he became the first Mayor of Houston  to walk the entire parade route through Montrose.

In 2010,  it should come as no surprise to learn that the first  openly gay mayor elected in Houston, Annise Parker, has been named  Honorary Community Grand Marshal of the 2010 Gay Pride Parade and Festival.

That was announced on Thursday night by organizers of the event. 

2 On The Beat has never attended a Pride Parade and Festival, but according to organizers, every year the event attracts 150, 000 people from all over the world. 

I have a feeling that media and public interest will be higher than normal this year because of the Mayor’s historic role.  Parker participated in the pride parade while she was on city council and as the city controller, but this time she will be involved as the city’s highest elected official.

Here’s some information if you’re  interested in watching the show:

Houston Pride Festival and Parade

Date: June 26, 2010 — 12PM – 11PM
Location: Montrose Area

The annual Pride Festival is a multi-block celebration of the GLBT community. Featuring a variety of performers on a number of different stages, the Pride Festival is a great way to experience the community, learn about it’s history, and visit the many booths from local vendors and organizations.

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