Senator Ellis Mixes Politics With Wildlife

It wasn’t your typical political fundraiser. 

The setting was the Houston Zoo at Herman Park Tuesday night. State Senator Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) celebrated his 56th birthday and raised money for his next campaign for reelection.

The  creative event attracted  big donors and elected officials, but they were outnumbered by  parents and their young children, who seemed more interested in the Zoo attractions than talking about politics.

For a minimum  $100 dollar contribution (children were free) guests were treated to bags of  popcorn, cotton candy and access to the Zoo’s attractions .

2 On The Beat stopped by for a few minutes to see how this mix of politics and wildlife would work.

I arrived near the end of the evening, just in  time to see Senator Ellis performing with one of  the Zoo’s playful Sea Lions. (dancing, jumping) The sea-lion clearly won, but at the end of the competition, he swam across the pool and kissed Senator Ellis on the cheek.

Senator Ellis, who was first elected to the state senate in 1990, will face republican Michael Mauldin in the November general election.

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