Council Member James Rodriguez Seeks Support For Crime Victims

 Council Member James Rodriguez will seek legislative support for additional funds for the Crime Victims Assistance Fund


HOUSTON – In the early morning hours of this past Sunday, May 2, The Correra-Sedillo Family was awakened by a drunk driver who had crashed into their modest home, striking and leaving their 4-month-old girl brain dead. Their baby would later die the next day, Monday, May 3, after being on life support. The actions of this drunk driver not only took away a life but it also destroyed their home, making it uninhabitable and forcing the Correa-Sedillo couple to stay with extended family. “When I read this HPD report, it hit close to home because my wife and I have an 8-month-old son,” said City of Houston Council Member James Rodriguez.  “I felt compelled to see if there was anything I could do.” 

Currently there is aid for victims of crime through the Crime Victims Compensation Fund which is administered through the Texas Attorney General’s office. The fund collects revenue through criminal court costs, fees and fines and it is used as a secondary source if the victims of crimes do not have the means to help pay the expenses the crime created. This fund has been extended to help pay for the relocation of certain crime victims but it has to be under special circumstances.   “I believe the Texas Legislature should expand the circumstances in which we can assist in the relocation of victims. Currently, the Correra-Sedillo family does not qualify to receive this kind of aid and I’d like to see this changed,” said Council Member Rodriguez.  “I plan to work with the Mayor’s Crime Victims Assistance Office, Attorney Generals Office and reach out to our State Elected Officers of the  Harris County Delegation to create legislation that would increase the services we can provide to those victims who need  to use the Crime Victims Assistance Fund,” stated Council Member Rodriguez.

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