Miss USA Visits Houston and Channel 2

Newly crowned Miss USA,  Rima Fakih , made a stop in Houston on Monday to visit Farouk Shami, the Hair Care Businessman and former candidate for Governor of  Texas.

Shami’s company, CHI International, is a major sponsor of the Miss USA pageant, and he was as giddy as a kid in a candy store as he introduced his new sweetheart  to the staff at KPRC Local 2.

The former Miss Michigan beat the tough competition to win the coveted title of Miss USA, becoming the first  Arab American, first immigrant and first Muslim to hold the Miss USA title.

I spoke with her briefly,  but I didn’t have the opportunity to ask her about the controversy surrounding her reign.

Some critics  have taken issue with her religion and ethnic heritage.

And then there’s that sexy picture problem: in 2007, Rima was a contestant  in a stripper pole dance contest sponsored by a Detroit radio station.

That image is making the rounds on the internet.

If she’s feeling burdened by  any of that, she didn’t show it.

Rima never stopped smiling during her brief visit to KPRC, and she was extremely nice to everyone she met.  🙂

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