White Challenges Perry To Debate

After releasing his income tax returns dating back to 2004, former Houston Mayor Bill White challenged Governor Perry to debate:

I’m busy running around on another story today, but you can read the entire White campaign statement below:


“Texans deserve a series of debates about the future of our state,” said White. “Career politician Rick Perry can no longer hide behind political games.”

White’s campaign released all tax returns for his years in elected office along with a side by side comparison of tax returns and personal financial information for both candidates. The information can be found at www.billwhitefortexas.com/finances.

“Texans can see that Bill White has been successful in the oil and gas industry,” said Katy Bacon, campaign spokesperson. “This is in stark contrast to career politician Perry’s 25 years on the state payroll.”

White’s successes include his service on the board of San Antonio-based Pioneer Drilling. The company has over 70 rigs and is one of the largest onshore contractors drilling for oil and natural gas in the United States.

Bill White also served as Chairman of Howe-Baker International, a Tyler-based company that designed and built products for the refining and petrochemical processing industry. White helped arrange a merger between Howe-Baker and Chicago Bridge & Iron, one of America’s oldest industrial companies, which relocated its Worldwide Administrative Office to The Woodlands, Texas during the time White was involved.

White served as CEO of WEDGE Group, Inc. from 1997 to 2003. WEDGE Group owns and invests in energy, real estate and manufacturing companies. White also co-founded Frontera Resources, an oil and gas exploration company.

On Perry’s side, the analysis reveals more than $14,000 in home mortgage interest deductions in 2007 and 2008. However, neither Perry’s personal financial statements nor available title records showed a mortgage, and Perry lives in an extravagant rental mansion paid for by Texas taxpayers.

“How does Perry account for deductions he’s taking on a mortgage that his financial statements do not show? He’s certainly not paying a mortgage on the rental mansion that’s costing taxpayers more than $10,000 a month,” said Bacon.

Each year as mayor, White released personal financial disclosures listing his assets and sources of occupational income. As a candidate for statewide office, White previously released his 2009 tax returns.

To date, Rick Perry has failed to disclose his tax return for 2009 and has refused to debate, claiming he would not do so until White released tax returns.

Bill White has accepted numerous debates to be televised statewide, including debates hosted by

— Bill White today called on Rick Perry to publicly debate issues important to Texans’ future.HOUSTON

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