Family of Teen Beating Victim Files Federal Lawsuit against Former Houston Police Officer



HOUSTON, Texas – On Tuesday, July 6th, 2010, the family of 16 -year old Chad Holley filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against former Houston police officer Andrew T. Blomberg. The lawsuit stems from a tape-recorded brutal beating of Holley while he was unconscious and handcuffed. Holley had surrendered to Houston police officers when the beating took place. Holley’s attorney, Benjamin L. Hall, III says, “This lawsuit affords Chad and his family and opportunity to be compensated for his brain injuries sustained in the brutal beating. The evidence will show that Chad’s head was kicked like a football by police officers while he was fully surrendered and in the custody of those officers.” The suit follows recent indictments of four Houston police officers who participated in the arrest and beating of Holly. Additional federal civil rights lawsuits are expected.

Holley is presently being treated for psychological and neurological deficits resulting from the beating.



Benjamin L. Hall, III was the former City Attorney for the City Of Houston under the Bob Lanier administration. The City Of Houston is not named as a defendant in the case.

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