Texas Joins Fight To Support Arizona Immigration Law

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is asking a federal court to dismiss the U.S. Justice Department’s lawsuit against the state of  Arizona and its new controversial immigration enforcement policy.

Abbott joined with several other state attorneys general in an amicus brief filed in response to  United States vs. Arizona.

Governor Rick Perry, who is anti-illegal immigration and a frequent critic of  President Obama, is praising General Abbot for  his actions. 

 “All Americans should support today’s actions by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and other state attorneys general in their efforts to uphold the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the right of states to provide for the public safety and security of their citizens,” said the Governor in a statement released Wednesday night. 

“The federal government has failed to secure our borders as drug activity and murder rates soar in many border communities. States are left with no choice. Until the federal government secures the border, I expect more states to legislate in an effort to protect their citizens. 

“Regardless of anyone’s feelings on the Arizona law, we must protect the 10th Amendment and right of states to legislate public safety to keep families and communities secure. I join Texas Attorney General Abbott in opposing the Obama Administration’s effort to undermine the right of states to protect their citizens and govern themselves.”  (By the way – would it hurt GOVERNOR PERRY to refer to the President as PRESIDENT OBAMA, every once in a while?)

Anyway, I’m wondering if  the Arizona law and  illegal immigration issue  will  become  hot topics in the Texas Gubernatorial election?

8 Responses

  1. I am glad to see that Gov. Perry is supporting Greg Abbott in this; however, Perry has been somewhat contradictory with regard to this matter. While he says he supports Arizona’s law for Arizona, he says it is not for Texas because Mexico is too good of a friend, etc.
    I do wish that Perry would sign something into Law that is just like the Arizona law SB 1070.
    Sometimes being friends costs far more than any benefit!
    Advance the security of the Texas Border Please!
    I hope it is a firey red hot topic and I hope Perry steps up his stance on securing our borders….that is a sure fire way to gain more supporters in his bid for re-election!

    (BTW: I am fine with Gov. Perry not addressing Obama as President Obama. He made hold the office, but in my opinion that is just a technicality)

  2. I believe when Govenor Perry is refering to something the Obama administraion is doing, it is appropriate to say “Obama Administration”.

    I’m very proud of the work both Abbott and Perry have done. As long as they are in public office, they will have my support.

  3. Why should he have to call him “President?” He makes his point with the “Obama Administration.” I personally refuse to call Obama “president.” I call him the “so-called president.” Course, in my opinion he should be called several other things such as “fraud,” “criminal,” “treasonous,” “socialist,” “corrupt,” “liar,” ….so, I’d be happy with the simple title “Obama Administration” if I were you. You might not like the other things we think he should be called.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
    Take another look at the statement. Governor Perry uses the term Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott two or three times.
    Each time he refers to President Obama as “Obama”
    My point isn’t about immigration or either man.
    I just think it’s a silly game that democrats and republicans play to appease their base.
    Maybe it’s the journalist in me (and the associated press stylebook that encourages the use of titles instead of last names for elected officials) or my father’s voice (telling me to call the teacher, next door neighbor, Governor, Senator, or President, by their title, or Mr. Ms. Mrs. as a sign of respect)
    I think we should all respect the office, even if we don’t like the person.
    Just a thought.
    Thanks for reading 2 On The Beat.
    Please feel free to send me other information you think I should cover and/or post.

  5. Ms. Benton,

    I completely respect your point, and I completely agree with you. I seriously do. I took his word in his inaugural speech that he wanted to be “president to everyone” and that he wanted to work in a positive manner, reaching across the aisles. I respect the Office of the Presidency as much as you do, trust me on that.

    I simply cannot respect someone who USES the office and the title to essentially spit on the constituents he is supposed to serve. I respect to office of President of the United States SO
    much that I cannot accept nor abide the fact that Obama is holding the office and title. Nor can I abide that he is living in OUR house. ..and treating us, the people, with utter disdain and contempt.

    I WANT the President of the United States to be respected. I WANT whomever holds the office to carry the title with dignity. I WANT to look up to the person who we call “Mr. President.” I will not, however, pretend nor expect others to show respect to someone who simply does not deserve that level of respect. I rank him right up there with Chavez and I grant him the same level of respect.

  6. Ms. Benton,

    You are right, we should show respect; however, I cannot show respect for a person holding the highest position in our country who does not deserve it. Respect is not a right, it is not a given, it is earned and Mr. Obama has not in any way form or fashion earned that respect. He is not acting presidential nor is he respecting the office for which he holds or for the citizens he works for.
    It is not a political game, it is the life of this country and he is choking it to death; quite literally.
    In summation as to the point of respecting Obama; I am with the above poster “Beth”.

  7. I have never liked Obama nor what he stands for. Especially now that he is in support of a Mosque being built so close to ground zero. I do not agree with his stance on immigration reform and if you ask me it appears that he is doing a lot more for the illegals than us the tax paying Americans. I really hope that the Republicans get their act together and take back Congress and the White House. I also hope that Governor Rick Perry signs into law a similiar law like Governor Brewer did in Arizona. If he does that he has my vote.

  8. To Tony,
    Not just any Republican (no RINO’s please), but Conservatives! We need a Conservative Congress to take control.
    *Granted there will be some RINO’s on the ticket, but it’s better than a true liberal far left Dem. RINO’s will follow the pack w/the most members. If we have the majority as Conservative Republicans the RINO’s will follow them

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