Corpse Flower Has New Fashion Line

While Houston and the rest of the world  anxiously wait for the corpse flower to bloom, the Houston Museum of  Natural Science has just launched a new “Lois” fashion line that includes buttons and t-shirts.

As you know by now,  the corpse flower is unpredictable and could bloom any day.  The rare and exotic plant is expected to smell like rotting meat when she fully opens.

This will be only the second documented blooming in Texas and the 29th in the country.  The museum has remained opened 24/7 in the past week to give everyone an opportunity to stop by for a chance to see and smell the corpse flower.

Her unique aroma will last for twelve hours after she blooms.

While you are waiting, why not buy a button and t-shirt and help support the programs at the museum.

2 Responses

  1. make the “I came, I saw, I sniffed” into a t-shirt pleeeeeese!

    • I second that.

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