The latest on “Lois” The Corpse Flower


(picture from Museum of Natural Science)

While she’s still teasing us, Lois has opened about 3” over the course of the day.  While we are not saying that Lois has started the blooming process, we do want to say that Lois has made significant progress today and has taken one more step in the right direction.  The museum is going to stay open 24 hours to give people an opportunity to see this next stage.  We will also be posting photographs on our blog shortly. 

Please note that this progress cannot be seen on the webcam as she has opened up on the other side.  We can see dark purple and some red on the inside of the spathe – much more than was previously possible.

 Latha Thomas – VP Marketing Houston Museum of  Natural Science

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  1. Please keep me posted!

    Thanks 🙂

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