Rep Coleman to Congress: Pass Bill That Will Reduce Texas Budget Shortfall by $850 Million

 Rep Coleman to Congress: Pass Bill That Will Reduce Texas Budget Shortfall by $850 Million 

Houston–Representative Garnet F. Coleman (D-Houston) sent a letter to the congressional delegation from Texas encouraging them to support legislation that will reduce the budget shortfall in Texas by $850 million.

 “I want to thank the members from the Texas congressional delegation who voted for the enhanced Medicaid match in 2009 that helped balance our state budget,” said Rep. Coleman.  “I appreciate all they’ve done, and I’m sure that that they will once again help provide relief to address the fiscal pressure on the Texas Medicaid program. I hope that the members that voted no last year change their mind.” 

HR 1586 as approved by the Senate, includes a six month extension of the enhanced Medicaid (FMAP) match originally authorized by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  The enhanced Medicaid match provision in the recovery act yielded $5 billion that was used to close the budget gap in Texas.

 “Quite frankly, I’m disappointed that our state’s Republican leaders haven’t lifted a finger, said Rep. Coleman. “They gripe about our state’s budget shortfall, but do nothing to help us get fiscal relief.  Their answer is to cut the services in which many Texans rely.”  

The U.S. House is scheduled to vote on HR 1586 on Tuesday.


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