Group Targets Gov. Perry With New TV ADs

Election day is officially about three  months away and it looks like the TV  political ad war is about to heat up.

A group called “Back to Basics” has launched a new statewide television ad targeting Governor Rick Perry for what it  calls, “the biggest land grab in Texas history.”

The group says  the $900,000 buy will run statewide.

According to a media statement from the group, “the ad illustrates just how devastating, hypocritical and corrupt Perry’s Trans-Texas Corridor scheme truly is.   Governor Perry’s Trans-Texas Corridor scheme would take a half-million acres of private property and give it to a foreign company to bulldoze and build toll roads.  Perry’s scheme would inexplicably allow the foreign company to set the tolls.”

Meanwhile, Mark Miner, campaign spokesperson for Governor Perry, reacted swiftly to the new ad.

” The Trans-Texas Corridor has been dead much like Bill White’s campaign. This is nothing more than negative and false advertising by Bill White’s trail lawyer friends and offers no solutions on how to move Texas forward. Because of Governor Perry’s leadership the Texas economy leads the nation,” said Miner.

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