Is Galveston, Island A Dead City?

Galveston has made the top ten list of  Dead Cities across America published by 24/7 Wall Street.

This is what it said about the island, which is still trying  to recover from the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike:

10. Galveston. This Texas city was one of the largest ports in the US a hundred years ago. It was also the location of one of the greatest natural disasters in American history. In 1900, a hurricane killed between 6,000 and 8,000 people. In the decades after the hurricane, Galveston became a major tourist center due to its location on the Gulf and proximity to several larger Texas cities. Galveston was also a major military recruitment center during WWII. The cause of Galveston’s demise is unique. It had become something of the Sodom and Gomorrah of the southern US. There was a large gambling industry there, some of it illegal, which was controlled by criminals. In the late 1950s,Texas state authorities successfully attacked local organized crime. The regulated tourist trade could not replace the illegal business. Galveston’s port and hospitality industries had begun to improve, but where trampled by the effects of Hurricane Ike in 2008. The event destroyed a large part of the city’s tax base, and set back the tourism industry once again.

I’m going to try to get reaction later today from Galveston’s Mayor. In the meantime you can read the entire list here:
 America’s Ten Dead Cities: From Detroit To New Orleans – 24/7 Wall St.

5 Responses

  1. Our tax base is not good but we are far from being dead!!The city was packed this summer with visitor’s. My family eats out quite a bit and we have to go to a hidden local spot because all the restaurants are so crowded. It will be a slow winter but we have festivals throughout the winter for the local business to make an income.

  2. Given that Galveston proper is inhabited by one of the largest section 8 demographics in the country, I would say this is an accurate assessment. Re-opening the UTMB indigent care center, Salvation Army hotel and other ‘faith-based’ ministries has done nothing but attract an ever greater assortment of human flotsam and jetsam from all over the country. Seeing the writing on the wall, i moved out after fixing my Ike-damaged house. Just this morning, I spoke with a friend who is desperately making plans to move his family out of the city. Evidently, the city doesn’t want hard-working, taxpaying citizens since the crackheads attract greater ‘guv-mint’ funding? The outlying areas of West Beach are still liveable but thuggery is so rampant, no self-respecting family will live in the city itself. The locals dont call it ‘Galvatraz’ for nothing. Texas should turn the island into a city-state jail since most who belong in TDC live here already.

    • Glad you moved! We do have some problems but what city doesn’t. We have two grandsons who graduated from Ball High. They are both students at Texas A & M in College Station and are doing very well. When you graduate from Ball High you get to experience the “real world” and you learn how to get along with everyone. So sorry your experience was so bad. Don’t think for a minute you won’t have problems where you are now because you will, nothing is perfect!!

      • My mid-town block experienced over 30 911 calls for police in a one year period before the hurricane, a documented fact, I have the report. Closing your eyes and pretending crime doesnt exist is a pollyannish viewpoint that wont make it any less real. By your own admission, Galveston has problems. By ‘real world’, do you mean home invasions, carjacking and crack dealing ? Galvestonians are also known for lack of spelling ability, but at least they are ‘persistants’…Personally, I am having a banner year, best ever, so no, I am not a ‘miserable’ person, just observant and real, a quality lacking in your judgmental, self-righteous rant…

  3. I don’t know what tree you fell out of but evidently you have not been here!!! We are far from dead. No one helped us after the hurricane but ourselves. I guess we weren’t as important as New Orleans!!! Galvestonians are known for their courage and persistants. We take care of ourselves in times of trial . We don’t sit around wining and waiting for help, we jump right in and get it done!! This has been the busiest summer ever. All you had to do was come here and see for yourself. God help you because you must be a very miserable person!

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