New Billboard Asks: “Still A Virgin?”

Never mind what your answer is to the  question – ” Still A Virgin?” – I want to know how you feel about the billboard which is on full display at a location in Southwest Houston, near Highway 59 and 610.

I saw it as I was driving to work, and stopped to take a picture and write  down the toll-free phone number.

After getting permission to call from work (story research) I dialed the number and followed the instructions.  Basically all I heard was a man’s voice telling  me to press 1 if “you’re still a virgin” or press another number if  “you’re friends with a virgin.”  Later on I was encouraged to find someone to help me lose my virginity.  Hmm, ok.

After googling this goofy billboard, I learned that it is part of a public relations blitz for a new movie featuring Will Ferrell called “The Virginity Hit.”

Bravo on getting people’s attention, but I think the billboard is tacky 🙂

3 Responses

  1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by KPRC Local 2, Mary Benton. Mary Benton said: what do you think about this "virgin" billboard? […]

  2. I’m thinking of all the 14 year olds who are flirting with the idea or being pressured into a sexual relationship. Do the marketing wizards who came up with this have daughters? It’s not humorous. And it’s not clever.

  3. I saw this billboard and it turned my stomach it was so disgusting. What kind of message does it give to anyone: they have a super problem if they choose to be chaste? Shame on this marketing scheme. I will NEVER go to a Will Ferrell movie – EVER!!!

    And shame on the billboard company for allowing this message that could have such an adverse effect on our youth.

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