Leo Vasquez Responds to Lawsuit Filed by Democrats

Leo Vasquez, Harris County Tax Assessor Collector, has responded to the lawsuit filed by the Texas Democratic Party.

Earlier today the TDP filed a lawsuit against Vasquez, who also handles voter registration.   The TDP said it took action to preserve the integrity of voter registration.

Here’s the earlier blog post:


(news release)

Democrats File Lawsuit to Protect “Non-Partisan” ACORN Group
HOUSTON – September 2, 2010 – The Texas Democratic Party filed yet another meritless lawsuit
today against Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector and Voter Registrar Leo Vasquez in an apparent
attempt to intimidate Vasquez from continuing his investigation of the questionable voter registration
applications submitted on behalf of a supposed “non-partisan” group, Houston Votes.  It has been
widely reported that the Advisory Board of Houston Votes is heavily stacked with notable Democrats. 
Vasquez released the following statement:
“Houston Votes has taken off its non-partisan mask by sending in the Democratic Party machinery to
fight its losing battle.  They can’t deny the evidence this Office has put forward of their misdeeds; so,
they try to divert attention by once again slandering this Office again.
“The Tax Office has, per the law, fully and completely processed each and every application that has
been submitted to it, even those that evidence obvious questionability.  It is our duty to refer that
questionable work over to law enforcement.
 “It is the Texas Democratic Party that is making reckless and baseless allegations.  No third party
group has been granted access to any confidential information of any voter outside of legal open
records requests available to any citizen.  We continue to zealously guard voter data.
“The Tax Office met today with representatives of the Democratic Party to discuss their concerns.
However, the Democrats were not interested in discussing actual facts. As we have seen in the past,
their lawsuit is just about political posturing.  
“In 2008, the Democrats never identified one single voter who was denied the opportunity to vote. 
We resolved the case by reaffirming the best practices, in full accordance with all applicable laws,
already in effect at the Tax Office. The resolution allowed Tax Office staff to return to work — the work
of registering every eligible citizen of Harris County to vote. We look forward to having this frivolous
lawsuit dismissed and completing that task.”
Office of Leo Vasquez
Tax Assessor-Collector &
Voter Registrar
Harris County, Texas

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