A Friday Shout-Out To Houston Firefighters

I’d like to give a special Friday shout out to all Houston firefighters today, but especially the men and women working at  Fire Station #8 located in downtown Houston. 

On Tuesday, I covered a news conference at that location.

But, all I could concentrate on was the delicious aroma  coming from the BBQ  grill outside of  the garage where the news conference was taking place. 

The firefighters, who work 24 hours shifts,  basically live, sleep and eat together at the fire station, so they always have someone who is the designated cook. 

On this particular day they were having BBQ chicken and ribs.  I never saw any of the side dishes 🙂

The news conference was an update for the media regarding the highrise fire that took place the night before on the 27th floor of the Chase Building.

As  Acting Chief Rick Flanagan and one of the arson investigators talked about water pressure, property damage and the ongoing investigation, some of the members of the media said their mouths were starting to water because the food smelled so good.

So a special thank you to the firefighters who, when not fighting fires and keeping our city safe, they are firing up the grill and enjoying some good grub!

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