Back To Basics Releases New Ad Targeting Gov. Perry

With two new polls showing that the race for Governor of  Texas could be tightening,  the Back to Basics Pac has released a new TV ad linking Governor Rick Perry to insurance companies.
I’ve posted the groups full news release below:
Fellow Texans,

Here is our latest ad, which is airing on television this morning.
When it comes to Rick Perry’s insurance policies, Texas homeowners agree – we just can’t afford them.  Thanks to Perry, insurance companies no longer have to justify their rate increases.  Now, as a direct result of his policies, Texas homeowners are paying some of the highest premiums in the nation. 
As demonstrated in a poll released just yesterday, Texans of all political stripes stand together in support of critically needed insurance reforms – reforms Perry refuses to even discuss.  When reporters recently asked him for his thoughts on insurance reform, Perry scurried off, guarded by his handlers.  What was the only thing he had to say to reporters asking why Texans are suffering under record high rates?
“We gotta roll boys.”
Perry might be afraid to stand up and speak about his failure to rein in insurance premiums, but we aren’t.  Our new television ad spells out exactly how Texas families ended up in this mess. 
If and when Rick Perry is ready step out of his $10,000/month, taxpayer-funded mansion, to face Texans and to defend his miserable record, hopefully he’ll explain why he chose to let insurance companies make a cool $14 billion, while letting our rates skyrocket. 
Unfortunatetly for us, with Rick Perry at the helm, it looks like rates will remain on the rise.

Cliff Walker 
Back to Basics PAC

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