Dr. Oz Visits Houston and KPRC-TV Studios

He’s the man with the medical advice/self-help show  that people all across America tune in to watch everyday.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, simply known as Dr. Oz, visited Houston today and dropped by the KPRC/Channel 2 studios.

He’s  warm and personable.  When he talks you really feel like he cares about your personal health. So, I will take to heart his challenge to lose weight and remember that, as he says, “people look at you on  TV everyday and see  you as a role model.”

 I must confess that I rarely have the opportunity to watch his show.  When he’s on every day at 3:00 P.M.,  I’m usually focused on getting my news story together for the 4, 5 or 6 newscast.

When he’s not on TV, Dr. Oz is vice-chair and professor of  surgery at Columbia University and he is FOO, friend of  Oprah’s 🙂

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