Perry and White Make Houston Campaign Stops

Governor Rick Perry and former Houston Mayor Bill White spoke to Arab American voters in Houston Monday night at a political event that was organized by former  candidate and hair care magnet Farouk Shami.

The candidates appeared on the same stage, but spoke more than one hour and half apart from each other.

During his speech, Gov. Perry touted the state’s strong economy and told the crowd, “Voters will look at the economy and realize that Texas is better than any state in the country,” said Perry. 

Later, White told the crowd that it was time for a change. “If you want somebody to do reality based politics, if you believe we deserve better than a soundbite, then I’m asking for your support.

White answered  questions from the crowd while Perry left after his speech.

Farouk Shami, who ran in the  democratic party gubernatorial  primary, told 2 On The Beat that he hasn’t decided if  he will endorse either candidate before the November 2nd election.

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