Bill White Releases New AD Called “Houston Voices”

From the Bill White Campaign:
HOUSTON  — The Bill White for Texas campaign today released a new ad called “Houston Voices.” The ad is now running in Houston and is available online at:

In the spot, Houstonians from across the political spectrum describe how Bill White brought people from all backgrounds together to get results as Houston’s mayor.

Steve Scully, a Republican and business owner, watched White tackle pension reform and balance the city’s budget as Houston’s mayor. Talking directly to the camera, Scully says “I would be proud to tell my fellow Republicans in the state of Texas to take a real good look at Bill White.”

Shari Smothers, a writer and Katrina survivor, says Bill White “was consistent through Katrina, through Rita, through Ike,” appealing to the best in people. White led effective disaster relief efforts by bringing together faith-based organizations, the business community and first responders as over a hundred thousand evacuees came to Houston in the wake of the hurricanes.

Fairfax Randall, an investor and grandmother, says Bill is “going to keep our taxes down and our spending under control.” As Houston’s mayor, White cut property tax rates five straight years and planned ahead for the city’s future, providing monthly updates about the city’s finances.

Pastor James E. Nash closes the ad, stating, “All of those things make up a man who can lead, not only a city, but a state.”

One Response

  1. Steve Scully is not Republican if he can even entertain the thought of voting for him.

    We’ve seen this change. NOT GOOD!

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