Campaign Turns Ugly and Personal In 18th Congressional District

If   you have listened recently to local radio you have probably heard a political ad paid for by John Faulk, the republican candidate for the 18th Congressional District.

Faulk is trying to link incumbent  democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee to a scandal plaguing the Congressional Black Congress.   

U.S. Rep. Bernice Johnson of  Dallas has admitted that she awarded college scholarships worth thousands of  dollars to family members and family members of  friends.

There is no evidence that Congresswoman Jackson Lee has done anything wrong. 

However, in the radio spot you hear  a woman’s voice raising doubt about SJL’s  record and questioning if  she has any connection to the controversy.

The Congresswoman’s campaign released this statement: 


(Houston, TX)…..As the upcoming November 2nd General Election approaches, it appears to be business as usual for Republican candidate John Faulk who is attempting to smear the incumbent representative of the 18th Congressional District, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, with his latest advertising tactic.  Faulk, a candidate with no record, is using “lies and misrepresentation” to smear his opponent who continues to run on her record of service and ability to bring millions of dollars back to the constituents within her district.

Faulk’s latest radio ad, which has a racist undertone and is attempting to confuse and mislead the voters with a commercial with an African American female voice, refers to the alleged actions of another congressional representative and attempts to smear Jackson Lee and question her credibility. This unfortunately is the usual “low down, dirty political tactics” of many Republicans.  The voters are astute enough to see beyond this type of negative campaigning.

Jackson Lee has continually represented and brought resources back to Texas and the 18th Congressional District for 15 years including: she has brought $6 billion in stimulus money and 269,000 jobs to Houston and Texas as a part of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act; she has brought $1.7 billion for improvement of school and schools and colleges; she has brought $374.5 million for transit improvements; she has brought $120.4 million for public housing projects; she has brought $147.2 million to enhance public safety within our communities; she has brought 1 million dollars to Riverside General Hospital for its TRICARE Participant designation to treat military personnel for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders; $15 million to the Houston Ship Channel; $300,000 to the Texas Southern University’s Mickey Leland Center for archival preservation; $1 million for Harris County Flood Control District; $500,000 for a minority cancer control program at the University of Texas; $200,000 for both the City of Houston and FEMA Pre-Disaster Mitigation along with funding for many other worthwhile projects. 

Jackson Lee, a lifelong Democrat, has a committed and demonstrated track record of service to her district, community and nation.  Republican John Faulk has no record within the district and as a result is attempting to use smear tactics instead of focusing on the issues that affect the constituents of the district.  What is Faulk planning to do for the constituents in addressing the issues of the 18th Congressional District is the real question?

8 Responses

  1. John Faulk will stop spending the tax payers money. He will fight to enforce laws already on the books regarding illegal immigration. He will fight for jobs in this district for legal citizens — not illegals who disrespect our city. He will Stand Up for Houston when in Washington D.C. instead of special interests.

  2. Since when does a person become qualified to be a US Representative by being a part of nefarious group that takes money from one group and delivers it to a particular constituency for their use? By this reasoning one can justify any behavior that has a pragmatic result for the recipients of stolen goods. H.L. Mencken commented that “an election is an advance auction for stolen goods” and the history of this district confirms that Ms. Lee has been the winner of the auction. John Faulk is known for his good character and not voting for him is the same as saying that you want to continue receiving stolen goods. The real question is: “What is your character?”

  3. Whatever positives that Sheila Jackson Lee has on constituency issues is heavily overshadowed by the policies she supports that damages her constituency and this country. She has voted for a healthcare bill that will fine and imprison people who don’t carry health insurance, she refuses to support school vouchers so that people in poor districts can improve their education, she is voting for a Cap and Trade Bill that raises the average family energy and gas bill by $3000 per year, and supported the horrendous deficits that have been racked up this year. All of these positions are harmful to our country. John Faulk is a man running in direct opposition to her. John Faulk will vote to repeal this Healthcare bill that will fine and imprison people who don’t have insurance (Not to mention bankrupt our country).

    John Faulk opposes this wasteful spending that will cripple this country if it isn’t immediately reversed. John Faulk will not support Cap and Trade Bill that raises the average family energy and gas bill by $3000 per year. We can count on Sheila to keep spending us to death. John Faulk is a huge improvement over Sheila Jackson Lee.

  4. John Faulk is a concerned citizen, not a career politician. He has suffered with the rest of us under the oppressive laws career politicians like SJL are destroying our country with. John Faulk is a true patriot, he loves this country so much that he put everything he has and then some on the chance that he could go to DC and help take our country back. He’s standing on the front line for the rest of us. A vote for John Faulk is a vote against the arrogant, elitist politicians that have been in DC so long, they have no idea what the average citizen is struggling with.

  5. John Faulk stands for freedom, individual rights, the Constitution, and the people who he will represent in Washington. He is not ashamed to represent Texas as
    Sheila Jackson Lee says she is. He will take the needs of the people to Washington and work for their rights with honesty,sincerity, and a positive attitude about America. I encourage everyone to stand up for John Faulk who understands the needs of the people as he lived in this District for years. and wants to serve the people who live here.

  6. Mary, even you can see that SJL is an embarrassment to Houston and really only represents the minority element of the Texas 18th; not the entire district as she should.

    John Faulk is a conservative alternative to the Congresswoman’s socialist agenda . . . she has admitted that you know. With no support from the Republican Committee at the national, state or local level, John is a true grassroots candidate who may not win this election, but will certainly make an impressive showing on November 2.

  7. Ms. Benton,

    Are you a reporter or SJL’s cheerleader? Not to mention that all the “money” that SJL brought to the district, did you consider the Constitutionality of these programs? Based on SJL’ voting record, I don’t think SJL takes her oath to the Constitution seriously or has even read it.

    Also, where did all this money come from? At what expense to the economy? What strings did the Federal Government attached to this money?

    A true reporter would be asking these questions, not wasting time being a cheerleader for a politician!

  8. This sounds like a Puff Piece, Mary. This isn’t “journalism”; shame on you! Your prejudice is crystal clear. Did you consider that the campaign’s choice of voice-over might be an INCLUSIVE move, rather than subversive? Obviously not. John Faulk’s lack of GOP Nat’l support makes him ALL THE MORE an appealing candidate. Man, are YOU out of touch.

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