Greater Houston Partnership Reacts To NASA Funding Bill

(news release from GHP)

Houston – The leadership at the Greater Houston Partnership today expressed its enthusiasm over the passage of a Congressional funding bill for NASA. If signed by President Barack Obama, the bill could impact the Houston region by potentially preserving thousands of jobs that appeared to be lost.

“We are pleased at the passage of this bipartisan plan that will help maintain a strong NASA footprint in the Houston region,” said Jeff Moseley, GHP President and CEO. “We look forward to President Obama signing this spending bill so that NASA can get back to its mandate of human space exploration.”

The spending bill enjoyed bipartisan support in the Senate, with that legislative body unanimously approving it this past August. Through some 11th-hour efforts, the House was able to pass and reconcile its own version of the bill last night before Congress convened for the fall election cycle this Friday.


Moseley thanked the local congressional delegation for their continued efforts ensuring the passage of the legislation.


“We applaud our local leadership in Congress, specifically Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rep. Pete Olson, who worked so diligently over this past year to get this done,” Moseley said. “They are a testament to Texas’ ‘can do’ spirit, and their strong belief that this spending bill is right for Texas and right for America.”


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