Galveston Makes List of 25 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

UPDATE:  When I spoke to Galveston’s Mayor and Police Chief on Monday, they both questioned the data contained in the report. They also say that Galveston police records show that crime has decreased significantly on the Island in the two years since Hurricane Ike.

Some of the residents along Church Street were surprised to hear their neighborhood made the list, but they also had a different take on the reasons why crime is dropping.

Most said that Hurricane Ike destroyed homes and businesses on their section of Church Street. They said many of the “troublemakers and riff raff ” were forced to move away and that has made their neighborhood safer.

A new list that says it’s based on police reports and FBI crime stats,  paints a not so flattering image of one Galveston neighborhood.

The  neighborhood surrounding Church Street is on the list with the “highest predicted rates of violent crime in America.”

I’ve called Galveston and will get reaction from Mayor Joe Jaworski and the police chief  later today.

In the meantime, what do you think?

3 Responses

  1. I’m not surprised. Galveston has really gone down hill 😦 Sad.

  2. Not surpised – this is the area of public housing projects pre-Ike. HUD and GHA are demanding we rebuild the same number of housing in the same place! No HUD housing anywhere else in the county. Galveston is a beautiful city with awful management at the mercy of a housing authority that answers to no one and whose director doesn’t even live on the island, but in an area with no public housing. Time to cleanup the city and move PH to the mainland.

  3. It really is a shame. Galveston is a good town. It is time for citizens to reclaim to good fame!

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