The “Other” Candidates In the Race For Governor of Texas

For months, Governor Rick Perry and Bill White have been making big headlines in the Texas gubernatorial race.

But, did you know there are two other candidates whose names will also appear on the ballot?

Kathie Glass is the Libertarian candidate who has become the champion of  those who feel their issues are neglected by the Republican party.

She’s an an attorney, wife and mother of two who is campaigning on a budget of $80,000.

Glass wants to abolish the franchise and property taxes and “fight to restore the state’s 10th amendment – sovereignty – to secure the borders.”

“I’m calling on liberty voters to unite and cast a vote to say they don’t like the direction our state and our country are going,” said Glass.

Meanwhile, Deborah Shafto is the Green Party candidate who says she is running because, “the economy is tanking and global warming is happening whether people believe it or not.”

72 year old Green is a retired school teacher, wife and mother of  four, is campaigning on a shoestring budget of $1,500.

“I can sit at home and say I can’t make any difference or I can go out and do the best I can, that’s all I can do,” says Shafto.

If you don’t want to vote for Perry, White, Shafto or Glass, you can also write-in a candidate.

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