White slams Perry on border security

I’m working on another story today, but Channel 2 covered a news conference with former Houston Mayor Bill White and Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.
I’ve posted details from the campaign below the photo.

Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia highlights success of Secure Communities, pioneered under White

HOUSTON — Bill White today, standing with Sheriff Adrian Garcia, slammed Rick Perry for breaking years of campaign promises to secure the border.

“Our problem in this state is not local law enforcement but Rick Perry’s ten years of failure to secure the border. Perry ought to quit playing politics with law enforcement, do his job and secure the border. Instead, to earn a headline, he creates a myth then fabricates a solution,” said Bill White.

“Instead of helping law enforcement, Rick Perry is attacking police, sheriffs and cities across this state. No city in this state is a sanctuary for criminal activity. Like a typical career politician, Rick Perry’s trying to grab power, centralize it in Austin and dictate to local law enforcement whether they should be responding to 911 calls and conducting criminal investigations,” White continued.

“Meanwhile, Rick Perry’s DPS has looser policies than the City of Houston. He should answer to Texans today for how many people his DPS has arrested and turned over to ICE as deportable felons,” said White. “You measure what’s important to you.”

“Perry needs to quit playing politics with public safety, do his job and secure the border. Local law enforcement needs support,” said Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.

“Here in Houston, working with Bill White, we pioneered Secure Communities. About 60 percent of our jail population in Harris County comes from the work of the fine men and women of the Houston Police Department, and since the program started, we’ve identified more than 20,000 immigrants in the county jail system who are eligible for deportation,” said Garcia.

Sheriffs protecting 98 percent of Texans in border communities have endorsed Bill White.

Yesterday White received the endorsements of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association of Bexar County and the Fort Worth Police Officers Association.

As Houston’s mayor, Bill White helped cut crime rates to the lowest levels in decades. White increased the Houston Police Department’s budget $192 million, or 41 percent, and added 27 new police cadet classes with over 1,415 new police officers.

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