New TV Ad Urges You to Vote For Proposition 1

These new ads begin as opposition mounts to Proposition One:

On Monday morning, the Harris County Republican Party announced it’s against the fee to rebuild streets and fix drainage and flooding problems.

I blogged about that earlier:

Here is the news release from RENEW Houston:

 Vote FOR Prop 1 Campaign Begins Television Ads

Watch the ad online at:

New campaign television ad features powerful message to voters to support Prop 1 as a fiscally responsible solution to fix Houston’s street and drainage problems   

HOUSTON – The Vote FOR Prop 1 Campaign enters a new phase with the release of a television ad on local stations today to expand our message to voters that this ballot measure is a fiscally responsible way to repair Houston’s aging streets and drainage system.

The 30-second ad explains why Prop 1, which would rebuild our city and halt the decay and blight caused by crumbling streets and drainage systems, is so necessary.

Houston needs a dedicated fund for streets and drainage that can’t be used by politicians for any other purpose. We need to rebuild our streets, help prevent flooding and create badly needed jobs in this tough economy. And we need to save millions of dollars for taxpayers by converting from wasteful deficit spending to a pay-as-you-go plan for these critical projects.


Election Day is November 2, early voting begins October 18.


To learn more about Proposition 1, visit

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