Rick Perry Yard Signs Are Back By Popular Demand

Rick Perry Signs at HCRP

I  remember hearing some time  ago that  Governor Rick Perry’s  campaign  would not  rely on traditional yard signs to stir-up voter excitement this election.

The campaign said it planned to tap into  social media,  such as Facebook and Twitter  to communicate with Perry’s supporters.

But it’s tough to change voter habits and  it seems some  people  prefer the traditional political  signs over the hip social media websites. 

So just days before the start of  early voting,  the Harris County Republican Party is distributing  Rick Perry yard signs (later today, Friday, October 15)

This is the second round of  Perry signs that the party is distributing.  

A few weeks ago,  chairman  Jared Woodfill said the party was trying to keep up with the demand from Perry supporters.

“We sent out an eblast and the response was overwhelming,” said Woodfill.

I wonder if  Perry’s supporters  felt left out because Bill  White for Governor yard signs  are visible in neighborhoods all over town?

BTW – in case you think I’m taking sides – just a reminder that I blogged about Bill White yard signs months ago: https://2onthebeat.wordpress.com/2010/01/28/get-your-bill-white-for-governor-yard-sign/

2 Responses

  1. I and my neighbors am surprised by the number of Bill White signs in the neighborhood and want to put a Rick Perry sign in our yards to show support. Where can I get Perry signs for me and my neighbors?
    I live in Pearland, zip code 77581.


  2. I don’t understand the sequence of questions in response to my request for Perry signs.

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