Has RENEW Houston Crossed The Line?

2 On The Beat has learned that several prominent African-American leaders will demand an apology Wednesday from one of the leading supporters of RENEW Houston/Proposition 1.

That’s the issue on November’s ballot that will let voters decide if property owners should pay a monthly fee to help fix some of Houston’s drainage problems.

On Tuesday, a controversial  email  was sent to Houston city council member Wanda Adams questioning her leadership and  accusing her of  placing her political interests above the needs of the community.  

You may recall that Adams and the three other African-Americans council members have raised questions about the implementation of  Prop 1 if it passes. They’re  worried about the impact on schools and churches, which will be non-exempt,  and the financial drain on their constituents.

I’ve posted the letter below. I’ll keep you posted on what happens on Wednesday: 

Dear Wanda, 
I am flabbergasted by the position that you and three of your fellow council
members have taken on Proposition 1. Listening to your press conference last
week and reading the editorial below confirms my concern that we do not have any
leadership from our African American council members.
The idea that you would all place your own political interests above the needs
of the citizens of the City is appalling. Proposition 1 is the ONLY effort that
I have seen in the past 40 years that provided a solution and help for ALL
neighborhoods in the city.  This is your only chance to help your
neighborhoods.  Without Prop 1, we will be back to small bond issues and no
predictability to our system.  Most neighborhoods will be left out of the bond
The idea that you are concerned City Council has not adopted an ordinance
detailing all of the things you want to know is comical.  That’s the job of city
council.  In fact, it could have been the job of City council without the
charter amendment, except for the fact that we don’t have a council, now or in
the past, with any political will to solve these problems.  After this amendment
passes, as a council member, you will be charged with the responsibility of
determining how to set the rates and who, if anyone, you want to exempt within
the limits of what the law allows.
When your term is up and you haven’t provided a solution for your neighborhoods
I’m sure that I will hear you say “It’s not my fault!” Right or wrong, your
neighbors will continue to live on decaying streets without adequate drainage,
and that will be your fault.
Hopefully your community and your district will be able to find some
leadership.  It is certainly lacking right now.

J. R. (Bob) Jones, P.E.

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