Yellowstone Academy Is Opening The Doors Of Opportunity

Earlier today I had the opportunity to learn more about an incredible school that is truly making a difference in the lives of  young people.

From the moment I sat down tears were streaming down my  face as speakers, including executive director Kim Hansen, described the daunting challenges facing many of the students attending Yellowstone Academy in Houston’s Third Ward.

Since 2002,  the school has provided a high-quality faith-based private school education for students living in poverty.

The overwhelming majority of the students are from families whose median annual income is less than $10,000. 

Most are from single parent households struggling with illiteracy and dependency.

Yellowstone Academy does not accept government funds but it does rely on the generosity of   Houstonians who contribute money and manpower.

The school’s annual breakfast, its major fundraiser,  was held on Wednesday and attracted a large crowd representing the city’s business, legal and faith-based communities. 


I sat at the table hosted by my sister Carolyn and filled with many of  her professional colleagues, who were also hearing about Yellowstone Academy for the first time.

“A Hero Lies In You” was the breakfast theme, but as one speaker said, “at Yellowstone academy we’re not waiting for a superhero, we’re taking action. Test scores ae up and more importantly the students are beginning to dream.”

To learn more, contribute or volunteer, visit the schools website at

(I snapped a few of the photos but photo credit for the student pictures belongs to Yellowstone Academy)


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