Democrats Blast New Perry TV AD

Governor Rick Perry has a new television ad that is getting an emotional reaction from some voters and harsh criticism from the Texas Democratic Party. 

The  ad features Houston Police Sgt. Joslyn Johnson, whose husband Rodney was killed in the line of duty by an illegal immigrant.  Johnson, along with the Houston Police Officers’ Union, claims that Houston was a sanctuary city that protected illegal immigrants while Democratic Candidate for Governor Bill White was Mayor for six years.

“It’s deplorable that Rick Perry would exploit the suffering of a murdered policeman’s widow for political gain. But what’s more, Perry’s lying about Bill White’s record to hide from his own record of failing to protect the public from deported sex offenders,” said TDP Chair Boyd Richie.  “For his first six years as Governor, Rick Perry failed to instruct his DPS to include deported sex offenders in a public database.  In the case mentioned in Perry’s ad, the killer was one of those deported sex offenders who had come back across the border that Perry has failed to secure.  Perry also ignored the abuse of children at TYC despite reports sent to his office for over two years, and that abuse continues to this day.  “Rick Perry was quick to exploit a tragic crime for political gain, but after ten years as Governor, his failures have become a threat to Texans’ safety.”

One Response

  1. How is her suffering being “exploited”? Ever since her husband’s death, she has been speaking out against White’s sanctuary city policy, so the video and Perry endorsement is just a continuation of her ongoing efforts. Mrs. Johnson is a courageous woman and I admire her greatly.

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