Mayor Parker Votes Early – Encourages Support for Prop. 1-3

Mayor Annise Parker cast her ballot at the early voting location on West Gray Street Wednesday morning.

The Mayor says she took her time going through the ballot and didn’t reveal how she voted on the contested races. (Although she is a democrat and said several weeks ago that she planned to vote for former Houston Mayor Bill White in the race for governor)

Parker did tell the media that she voted for all of the propositions (no surprise) and that passing each measure is important to the city’s future.

Proposition One is RENEW Houston. If  passed, the city would create a dedicated pay as you go fund to repair streets and drainage. it would impose a monthly fee on private property owners and that money could only be used for repairs to prevent flooding.

Proposition Two would change  the residency requirement for candidates in the 2011 municipal elections.  This is critical because the city will be redistricting for the first time in 30 years.  The process won’t be completed until June, but potential candidates will have started campaigning in February.  If  some candidates are drawn out of the district lines, they will have a chance to establish residency for six months instead of the usual one year.

Proposition Three ask voters if the city of  Houston should continue to use red light cameras to enforce state and or local laws relating to traffic safety.

Mayor Parker is actively campaigning for Proposition 1.  Some voters have told me about receiving robo calls from the Mayor urging them to vote for the drainage fee.

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