Red Light Camera Company Responds To Prop 3 Election

It was a big loss for supporters of red light cameras and for American Traffic Solutions, Inc., the vendor that installed and administered Houston’s 70+ red light cameras.

Today the company issued this statement:

HOUSTON — The following is a statement by American Traffic Solutions Inc., the Scottsdale, AZ-based vendor chosen by the city of Houston in May of 2006 to install and administer Houston’s red light safety camera program:

American Traffic Solutions is proud to have stood with an unprecedented safety coalition including Houston police, firefighters, medical groups and other community leaders in support of the Keep Houston Safe campaign to keep the red light safety cameras and save lives.  Now that the voters of Houston have spoken we have reached out to city officials for their guidance on the steps ahead. These consultations have already commenced, and we pledge our fullest cooperation throughout the process.
#     #     #

The Houston Police Officers’ Union also campaigned for the cameras, promoting them as a safety tool.  HPOU also supported the revenue the cameras generated. Some of the money was used for traffic safety programs in the city of Houston.

3 Responses

  1. […] been vacated, and that as of Tuesday night no one had any intention of challenging the result. A statement released by the camera vendor doesn’t give any indication of further action, either. Personally, I’m not sure that […]

  2. What a joke these frigging police and fire fighter unions are. They saw those cameras as a revenue source that would help them keep their jobs.

  3. Don’t be fooled…the argument is that this is for your safety but it is just a way to legally steal money out of your pocket.
    If they cared so much about safety, why don’t they increase the duration of the yellow lights? They keep the yellow to the minimum time because they don’t want you to stop, they want to give you a ticket….they want your money.
    Why don’t they increase the all-red time in which both intersecting streets to reduce the risk of a collision?
    One thing is to steal from us, more insulting is to act as if we are stupid!
    Why do these “contractors” buy legislation using the many loopholes in the system? Simple, they get to keep close to half of what you pay in increased fines! It’s not about safety, it about getting your hard-earned money to pay beaurocrats that don’t produce anything and fund they sweat retirement deals….

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