State Rep. Ellen Cohen Concedes Race – Sends Message to Supporters

State Representative Ellen Cohen
Dear Friends,

It has been a great honor and privilege to represent District 134 these past two terms. I promised in 2006 to represent the District to the Legislature and not a Party to the District. Together we’ve made some significant accomplishments, including adjusting the Top 10% Rule, moving UH towards Tier One status, rebuilding UTMB, and creating the Cancer and Prevention Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT).

We didn’t receive the final numbers until early this morning and unfortunately the results showed us 725 votes down. We ran a hard and honest campaign. I am proud of the hundreds of volunteers who gave hours and hours of their time, and would like to say thank you to our interns and staff who have worked tirelessly since April.

The next session will prove to be extremely challenging. I wish my successor good health and the wisdom to make decisions beneficial to the District and the State of Texas.

I am grateful for your support, wise advice and counsel.



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