HISD Students Pick Hot Toys For the Holidays

(HISD news release)

Longfellow Elementary’s Annual Toy Survey Uncovers What Kids Really Want

Silly Bandz, mini-skateboards, and gift cards top the list instead of expensive electronics

 November 23, 2010 – Concerned that the holidays can be a confusing, frustrating time for parents when it comes to buying gifts for kids, students at HISD’s Longfellow Elementary held a news conference on Tuesday, November 23 to announce this year’s most-wanted holiday gifts.

Every year, the fifth-graders at Longfellow divide into teams and hit the playground, hallways, and lunchroom to survey their classmates on the “hot toys” for the holiday season.  The students conduct the surveys themselves, record the data, and use data analysis and math skills to tally the results and release their top ten list to the media. 

This year, the students took into account the recent economy and made a point to not to include any expensive electronics, high-tech items, or video gaming systems that have made their list in past years. Instead their focus was on finding toys that are both interesting to kids and priced under $50. And the winners for 2010 are:


10        Hot Wheels items

9          (TIE) Lego sets and Loopz music memory game

8          Arts and crafts sets (like jewelry making kits and models)

7          Paper Jamz Guitar

6          Nerf-n-Strike dart launcher

5          Watches and jewelry

4          Spy Gear items

3          Gift cards

2          Tech Decks mini-skateboard sets

1          Silly Bandz


No adults were allowed to speak at today’s press conference. Instead, fifth graders Sh’mar Evans, Lily Gastineau, Elise Gutierrez, Cassandra Lutz, Helena Marlowe, and Bryon Moreno released their findings and addressed members of the local print and television media. Representatives from Target brought examples of all the top toys to display at the press conference and afterwards they generously donated them to the school.

Several of the top items made the hot toy list last year as well. Those include gift cards, watches and jewelry, and Lego sets. New to the list this year are the extremely popular Silly Bandz which are rubber band bracelets that come in different shapes and characters.

“If you are a parent and in doubt about what to get your child for the holidays, Silly Bandz are the way to go,” said Helena Marlowe. “Boys and girls like them and they are really inexpensive. If I was a parent, I’d fill my child’s stocking with Silly Bandz.”

“Get things on sale and take advantage of Black Friday,” advised Sh’mar Evans. “Get out there and get the hot items, because before you know it, they might be gone.”


The Houston Independent School District is the largest school district in Texas and the seventh-largest in the United States with 298 schools and more than 200,000 students. The 301-square-mile district is one of the largest employers in the Houston metropolitan area with nearly 30,000 employees.

For more information, visit the HISD Web site at www.houstonisd.org.

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