Former Congressman Nick Lampson Issues Statement on Delay Guilty Verdict

Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay’s conviction on money-laundering charges brought swift reaction from  some of his political enemies.  

While Delay called the Jury’s verdict a “miscarriage of  justice” former democratic Congressman Nick Lampson issued a statement praising the outcome of the trial.


“Today, Lady Justice proved to be a harsher judge of Tom DeLay than Dancing With the Stars voters ever were with him. Today’s ruling shows that the culture of corruption Tom DeLay inhabited in Washington went a few too many dance steps beyond the pale of American politics. We should remember, though, that this trial is not just about $190,000 that Tom DeLay stands guilty of illegally laundering into Texas politics. At its root, Tom DeLay’s actions were designed to gerrymander Texas voters for his own personal power grab. At a time when we are bracing for what should be the once-per-decade ritual of elected officials selecting their voters, Texans deserve to have their voice heard – and respected – in the upcoming redistricting process.”

Nick Lampson has represented Southeast Texas in Congress from 1997 to 2005, and again from 2007 to 2009 after running against Tom DeLay in 2006 prior to DeLay’s removal of himself from the ballot before the election. His upcoming book release, “Hammered!” chronicles his political life in the age of slash and burn Texas politics.

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