Judge Emmett Injured In Tennis Match Will Reduce Schedule

Right Shoulder Separation Likely Will Require Surgery, Cancellation and Postponement of Some Appointments 

Update: I was told by Joe Stinebaker that Judge Emmett is a pretty good tennis player. He was on the Rice University tennis team and he use to be a tennis instructor. Get well soon Judge!

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett was injured during an early-morning tennis match on Monday and has been advised by doctors that he will probably require surgery to repair his injured right shoulder. As a result, the judge and his staff are now reviewing his schedule and either canceling or postponing upcoming events that are able to be delayed.

Judge Emmett fell and landed on his shoulder during a tennis match with a friend, suffering a “Stage 3 Acromioclavicular (AC) Separation,” meaning that the two ligaments at the joint were both torn and the shoulder displaced. He was resting at home this afternoon and will visit with an orthopedic surgeon tomorrow, at which time a date is expected to be set for surgery.

Staff members are reviewing the judge’s schedule and contacting community groups and county officials with whom the judge was scheduled to meet in an attempt to reschedule many of his appointments. As a result, many of the events contained in the judge’s public schedule released early this morning are no longer accurate.

Judge Emmett said this morning he was eager to return to the office as soon as possible and that he was hopeful he could still attend some events later this week that could not be rescheduled.





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