Federal Judge Denies Intervention in Red Light Camera Lawsuit


Earlier today, Sunday, December 12, United States District Judge Lynn Hughes ruled against Francis and Randall Kubosh in their motion to intervene in the lawsuit between the City of  Houston and American Traffic Solutions, the red light camera company.

Judge Hughes’  signed order states that the Kuboshes lack standing to defend the constitutionality of the election and they may not intervene.

The Kuboshes are the people who formed “Citizens against Red Light Cameras.”

They organized a successful petition drive that forced the city  to put  proposition3  on November’s ballot.

Voters overwhelmingly rejected the use of red light cameras, but getting them removed apparently isn’t going to be as easy as some expected.

In 2006, the city entered a contract with American Traffic solutions for   70 cameras to be installed at different intersections.

Vehicles caught running red lights were recorded and the registered owners were sent a citation in the mail.   The penaly carried a $75 civil fine.

After the election, the city went to federal court and asked for permission to immediately end its contract with ATS.

However, ATS countersued saying that its contract with the city is valid through 2014 and the company would suffer a huge financial loss if  the court allows the contract to be cancelled.

The city of Houston is also losing about $10 Million because it can no longer collect revenue from the red light cameras.

Judge Hughes must still rule on the merits of the lawsuit between ATS and the City of  Houston.

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