Governor Perry Set to Appear In Second Movie

He  has movie star good looks, but shouldn’t Governor Rick Perry be spending more time cutting the state’s budget deficit and less time making a cameo appearance in a movie?

With that critical political question out-of-the-way let’s focus on the movie:

According to a report in the Washington Post, Governor Perry spent last Thursday on the set of  “Deep in The Heart”, a film based on the life of  Richard Wallrath, the largest individual donor to Texas FFA and Texas 4-H.  Wallrath is also a personal friend of Perry’s.

The Governor  tweeted this photo of  himself  posing with  some of the cast members, who are all wearing the traditional ag jacket.

According to publish reports,  the producers said the governor was so instrumental in bringing the film to Texas that they wrote him into the script.

This is Perry’s second movie.  He played himself in “Man of the House” starring Tommy Lee Jones and Cedric The Entertainer. 

Question – if someone one day made a movie about Governor Perry, who should play the leading man?

My vote would be for Tommy Lee Jones. Maybe  Tom Selleck.

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