What Texans Are Saying About Florida Healthcare Ruling

On Monday, a federal judge in Florida struck down key elements of  President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform plan.

Several states, including Texas, have filed suit claiming the plan is unconstitutional.

After the ruling, which is not the end of the fight, Senator John Cornyn, Governor Rick Perry and State Representative Garnet Coleman issued statements.

I have posted their full comments below for you to read.

Cornyn Responds to Florida Healthcare Ruling

“This Federal Government Cannot Force a Citizen to Buy Something They Don’t Want”  

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) issued this statement today in response to the decision by a federal judge in Florida that the individual mandate central to the Obama health care law is unconstitutional – making the entire law void: 

“Today another court has ruled that the Federal Government cannot force a citizen to buy something they don’t want. The individual mandate in the President’s signature health care bill impinges on the individual liberties our founders fought so hard to protect and exceeds the government of limited powers they fought so hard to create. I will continue to work with my colleagues to repeal this massive, ill-conceived bill and replace it with sensible, substantive reform that will not sink future generations further into debt.”


 Statement by Gov. Rick Perry on Federal Judge Ruling Individual Mandate is Unconstitutional:

 AUSTIN – Gov. Rick Perry today issued the following statement on U.S. District Judge Roger Vinson’s ruling that the individual mandate required by the federal health care reform bill is unconstitutional:

“Today’s ruling represents a victory in the ongoing effort to end federal intrusion into the lives of every American through this one-size-fits-all approach to health care reform. I applaud the judge’s decision, which affirms that the federal government’s attempt to force individuals to buy government-approved health insurance is an egregious violation of our Constitutional rights.

“I commend Attorney General Abbott’s efforts to protect Texans from this misguided federal overreach, and look forward to continuing to work with Texas leaders and Congress to find responsible solutions for our state’s health care needs.”

In this lawsuit, Texas, along with 25 other states, challenged the individual mandate in Obamacare, maintaining that Congress does not have the authority to force individuals to buy health insurance. This administration continues to spend excessively and impose unfunded mandates upon the states, including this federal health care reform bill that will cost Texas taxpayers more than $27 billion over 10 years for the Medicaid expansion starting in 2014. 

Statement from Rep. Coleman on Florida Court Health Care Ruling 

Austin- Representative Garnet F. Coleman released the following statement in response to the Florida Court’s health care ruling:

 Today’s ruling puts us one step closer to the Supreme Court, where this issue will ultimately be resolved. It’s disconcerting that General Abbott is actively working to dismantle a law that will improve the health coverage that Texans already have and help countless others purchase insurance. This court case is nothing but a political sideshow.

 Repealing the health care law would mean:

  • Young adults who’ve been able to stay on their parents plan would become uninsured, and insurance companies would regain the authority to discriminate based on pre-existing conditions and shove Americans off their policies when they become sick and need it most.
  • 161,000 young adults would lose their insurance coverage through their parents’ health plans, sometimes just after they finish school and as they are looking for a job.
  • Nearly 11.8 million residents of Texas with private insurance coverage would suddenly find themselves vulnerable again to having lifetime limits placed on how much insurance companies will spend on their health care.
  • Insurance companies would once again be allowed cut off someone’s coverage unexpectedly when they are in an accident or become sick because of a simple mistake on an application. This would leave More than 1.1 million people in Texas at risk of losing their insurance at the moment they need it most, as one of the worst abuses of the insurance industry would become legal again.
  • New insurance plans would no longer be required to cover recommended preventive services, like mammograms and flu shots, without cost sharing, nor would they have to guarantee enrollees the right to choose any available primary care provider in the network or see an OB-GYN without a referral.
  • Nearly 2.8 million seniors in Texas who have Medicare coverage would be forced to pay a co-pay to receive important preventive services, like mammograms and colonoscopies.
  • Medicare would no longer pay for an annual check-up visit, so nearly 2.8 million seniors in Texas who have Medicare coverage would have to pay extra if they want to stay healthy by getting check-ups regularly.
  • 162,869 on Medicare Would See Significantly Higher Prescription Drug Costs: In Texas, 162,869 Medicare beneficiaries received a one-time, tax-free $250 rebate to help pay for prescription drugs in the “donut hole” coverage gap in 2010. Medicare beneficiaries who fall into the “donut hole” in 2011 will be eligible for 50 percent discounts on covered brand name prescription drugs.

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