Council Member Jolanda Jones Cleared By Investigation

The allegations were serious and a potential political problem.

Some  Houston firefighters accused city council member Jolanda Jones of using profane language during a visit to fire station #8.

They accused Jones of degrading their work ethic and criticizing the nice accommodations at the new facility.

Jones denied the allegations and asked Mayor Parker and the Office of Inspector General to investigate.

On Wednesday, the mayor announced that Jones was cleared by the investigation. Mayor Parker also said Jones was owed an apology by those who publicly criticized her alleged behavior.

How and why was Jones cleared?  She was apparently carrying a tape recorder and video camera during the visit. She planned to use both as a training tool for her staff.

Needless to say Jones is relieved that the investigation cleared her name and she is now firing back against those who attacked her: 


(Houston, TX) I am grateful to Mayor Parker and the Office of the Inspector General for the opportunity to clear my name of the false allegations that – as has now been confirmed – were completely fabricated. 

These shameful attacks are related to my advocacy for women and minority firefighters who were subjected to harassment and discrimination as documented in the recent findings of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. 

The remarks of Firefighters’ Union President Jeff Caynon were deliberately untrue and highly offensive. Worse, they raise the question – again – why Mr. Caynon continues to focus his energies on poisonous political attacks instead of on keeping Houstonians safe and protecting the men and women of the Houston Fire Department from a hostile work environment. 

I am disappointed in those who jumped to conclusions and went directly to the media, without the professional courtesy of contacting me regarding these false and specific allegations against me, including my colleagues Council Members Anne Clutterbuck, James Rodriguez and Mike Sullivan, yet I look forward to putting this behind us so that we can deal with the real issues that our constituents put us in office to address.

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