State Rep. Borris Miles Reacts to Tape of Police Beating

By now you have probably seen the videotape: Several Houston police officers kicking and punching teenager Chad Holley.
Holley was a suspect in a series of home burglaries last summer when he ran from Houston police when they tried to arrest him.
The tape shows Holley as he lies on the ground and does not appear to resist officers who continue to kick him, as it appears on the tape.
State Representative Borris Miles issued this statement: “

 “I am deeply concerned about the increased number of civil rights violations at the hands of the Houston Police Department. There can be no tolerance for the violation of our communities civil rights no matter what laws they may have violated. 

As a former law enforcement officer, I believe that the Chad Holley tape represents more than misconduct, rather it represents a blatant abuse of power and excessive force from those Houston Police officer’s. The release of the Chad Holley tape identifies a greater problem within the Houston Police Department, a problem that requires immediate action.

 I have been in communication with Attorney General Eric Holder’s office requesting intercession in this case and urge federal elected officials to join me in bringing justice to Chad Holley. Nothing less than the termination of the officer’s involved in this matter will be acceptable. 

This incident is unconscionable and while I am calling for the removal of the officer’s involved, I want to be clear, this is in no way an indictment on the Houston Police Department or the officers that were not involved in this incident, however we must stop these senseless acts by a few rouge cops.”

 Meanwhile Mayor Annise Parker denied Thursday that she  tried to prevent the public from seeing the tape.  “We have never said that the public shouldn’t see this video,” said Mayor Parker.  “We simply said that we thought the most appropriate place that they see it the first time would be in a court of law when these officers are brought to justice. The frustration is that by the release of this video, it has the strong possibility of causing their trials to be moved out of Harris County.

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