State Rep. Riddle Seeks Penalties Against Those Who Hire Illegal Immigrants

With legislation relating to Voter ID, illegal immigration and sanctuary cities already on the fast track at the State Capitol, it’s no surprise that one lawmaker has now introduced a bill that would create criminal penalties against employers who hire illegal immigrants.

State Representative Debbie Riddle (R-District 150) today filed HB 1202 in response to Governor Perry’s call to create criminal penalties against employers who hire illegal immigrants.

 The bill would make it a state jail felony to intentionally, knowingly or recklessly hire a person who is not lawfully permitted to be in America.

    “Employers who reward and incentivize this illegal behavior are the primary culprit in the illegal immigration problem,” Riddle said. “Now they’re going to have to think hard about whether or not it’s worth the risk to them and their business when they make these hiring decisions.”


 The bill is the fifth Riddle has filed this session to address issues related to illegal immigration. Other bills filed by Riddle include:

  • HB 17 which creates the offense of Criminal Trespass by Illegal Alien and allows state law enforcement to arrest those who are in the country in violation of federal criminal immigration laws;
  • HB 18 which would deny state funding to municipalities that prohibit the enforcement of federal immigration laws;
  • HB 21 which requires state agencies to report the cost of services the agency provides to illegal aliens; and
  • HB 22 which requires schools to report the citizenship and immigration status of students to the Texas Education Agency. 

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