Voter Integrity Issues Examined by King Street Patriots President

We heard a lot about King Street Patriots during the last election. The conservative group and some minority community members exchanged accusations of voter intimidation and harassment.

KSP will hold a National Summit on True the Vote in Houston next month.

In the meantime, King Street Patriots President, Catherine Engelbrecht, is taking part in the Conservative Political Action Conference.

(news release)


HOUSTON, TX ˗ King Street Patriots (KSP) will once again bring national attention to its successful True the Vote program, an election integrity effort led by the volunteer citizen activists of KSP.  KSP and True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht will be a panelist participant today at the thirty-eighth annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) being held in Washington, D.C., February 10-12. Engelbrecht will, throughout the conference, also bring heightened awareness to True the Vote through the national media outlets and personalities assembled for the conference. 

 “True the Vote is a model conceived and practiced in Texas and intended to be exported to other regions and states across the country which face the challenge of election fraud at the ballot box,” Engelbrecht said. “We cannot sit idle this year.  We are using the lessons learned from the 2010 election, sharing those with groups who want to do something about the election fraud they see and preparing intensely for the 2012 presidential elections.”

 In addition to the groups’ voluminous base in Texas, there are currently approximately 600 activists in 45 other states who have expressed interest in bringing True the Vote to their area.  True the Vote will hold a National Summit in Houston, TX, March 25-26.


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