State Rep. Borris Miles Files Police Accountability Bill

Mayor Annise Parker has announced plans for a news conference on Friday. 

The Mayor and some state and local officials plan to unveil a comprehensive plan to restore public trust in local law enforcement, according to a media announcement.

She will be joined by State Senator Rodney Ellis and State Representatives Borris Miles and Garnet Coleman, Houston city council members Melissa Noriega and Ed Gonzalez.

Police Chief Charles McClelland will also be part of the announcement.

Meanwhile, Rep. Miles says he has filed a Police Accountability bill at the State Capitol. 

 (News Release)

State Representative Borris L. Miles Files Bill for Police Accountability
HOUSTON, TX – 02/17/2011 – 

Representative Borris Miles (Houston) has filed legislation that will create a statewide police community review board, enhance penalties for rogue police officers and increase record keeping measures just weeks after the Chad Holley tape was released to the community.

The outcry demanding protection from the abuse of power by rogue police officers led Miles, who first called on U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, to review the case as a violation of Chad Holley’s civil rights.  He has now filed legislation to ensure fair treatment to all citizens.

“As a former law enforcement agent, I have a particular interest in creating processes that will improve our overall public safety,” said Miles.

After conferring with Houston Police Department and Houston Police Officers Union (HPOU) leadership, he has filed the following bills.

HB 1470-A Statewide Police Civilian Review Board – civilian review board with an independent body empowered to investigate allegations of misconduct by police or peace officers employed by the State of Texas and/or its agencies, public authorities, and public benefit corporations, and to recommend disciplinary action where appropriate.

HB 1471-Enhanced Penalties for Official Opression- this bill enhances the punishment from a Class A Misdemeanor to a 2nd Degree Felony depending on the severity of the injury caused to the victim.

HB 1472-Increased Record Keeping of Police Misconduct whether Substantiated or Not – Requires that all complaints are retained, so that a complete and accurate history can be made available if necessary.

“The three bills will safeguard the rights of our community by holding officers accountable,” said Miles.  “A few simple changes to our process will ensure fair treatment for all Texans.”

The submission can be downloaded at



Borris L. Miles was elected to serve as the Representative for District 146 in the Texas State House of Representatives in November of 2010.  He is a lifelong resident of the district and grew up in Sunnyside. A former law enforcement officer, Mr. Miles is a successful entrepreneur and businessman, leaving a promising corporate career to launch his own insurance agency.

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