A Successful Fundraiser For Mayor Parker

As she prepares to launch her campaign for re-election, Mayor Annise Parker got an overwhelming show of support from community and business leaders on Wednesday.

Supporters writing smaller checks and political contributors with deep pockets helped  push the mayor’s first official fundraiser over the $1 Million mark.   Members of  her  financial team tell me that’s actual money in the bank and it exceeded their expectations.

Guests who piled into the political event at the Four Seasons included former mayoral opponent Gene Locke, who issued a statement endorsing Parker on the invitations that were mailed out for the fundraiser.   Former Mayor Bob Lanier and wife Elyse, a Port of Houston Commissioner also showed their support.  

Seasoned political analysts predict this successful fundraiser could help Mayor Parker frighten  well-funded challengers, however, the rumour mill has been buzzing for weeks that prominent Houston attorney Ben Hall and former Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Paul Bettencourt will jump into the race.

We’ll wait and see what happens. In the meantime, Mayor Parker’s re-election campaign if planning to have a public (and free) rally at Discovery Green later this month to officially announce her plans to seek a second term.

(Full disclosure: the fundraiser was closed to the media. photos provided by the Parker campaign)

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