Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ “Hero” Intern Honored In Houston

Congressional intern Daniel Hernandez was honored in Houston Sunday for his role in saving the life of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords after she was shot in the head during a political event in January.

Hernandez was honored at a champagne brunch hosted by the Victory Fund, a group dedicated to raising money and training members of the Gay, Lesbian and Transgender community to run for political office.

Hernandez, who is openly gay, is credited with applying pressure to Giffords’ wound to help stop the blood loss and staying by her side until she was rushed to the emergency room.

Giffords is recovering in a Houston hospital, TIRR Memorial Hermann, and has talked with Hernandez by phone several times. 

Houston Mayor Annise Parker,  Rhode Island Congressman David Cicilline and New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, some of the country’s most prominent  openly gay elected officials, were also recognized during the brunch.

Meanwhile, the champagne brunch attracted a huge crowd of people from all segments of  Houston’s diverse community. 


Others in the crowd included:  Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Sheriff Adrian Garcia, Houston City Council member Brenda Stardig, HISD Trustee Juliet Stipeche, Cindy Clifford of The Clifford Group, Lea Gibson from Republic Services, Shell Oil Company’s Karen Labat, Roland and Karen Garcia, Frances Page of Style Magazine, Brooks Ballard, Trevor Eade,  Alton LaDay, LaRence Snowden,, Emily Suchomel and many, many more.

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