Harris County Sheriff’s Office Busts Alleged Church Thief

HCSO: Thief prays with sticky fingers

(news release)


(HOUSTON, TX) – A woman has apparently been caught on video breaking the Eighth Commandment while at a Sunday church service; investigators with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) believe there may be more victims.

God and a camera were watching Cynthia Gonzalez, aka Cynthia Martinez, as she allegedly stole from a woman’s purse after the woman got up to receive communion. HCSO investigators say this was a frequent practice for Gonzalez as she’s ‘prayed’ on parishioners at several area churches.


Gonzalez has been charged with credit/debit abuse related to another church theft case in April and has been released on bond. Charges related to the case on video are pending. Gonzalez has a history of financial crimes in Harris County and Galveston County dating as far back as 1991. 

HCSO investigators would like to clear more similar cases. Victims who have had their property stolen while at church service are urged to call the HCSO’s Burglary and Theft unit at 713-967-5770.

Video of Gonzalez can be found at www.youtube.com/hcsotexas

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