Mayor Parker’s Campaign Manager is Moving On and Up


He’s the mastermind behind Annise Parker’s first big victory leading into the office of Mayor, but now Adam Harris is moving on and moving up.

Harris is launching his own political and communications firm.

Here’s the note he sent out to friends earlier this morning.

Best of Luck, Adam. It’s been my pleasure to work with you – and butt heads sometime – on the political trail.

Hey friends—

Within a few hours we will release the news; Annise Parker’s campaign is going great and I am moving on! 

As many of you know I have been contemplating hanging out my own shingle and having my own firm.  Mayor Parker looks to be in a great position for re-election with no major opponents and with a June 30 fundraising report that will exceed all expectations, it looks, as of today, that she will cruise to re-election. 

Given her strong and almost inevitable position, I’ve decided to finally take this moment to pursue a long held dream for me. 

Today, we are launching Horizon Strategies.  Our firm will offer traditional political consulting (i.e general consulting, mail, media, and everything you can imagine that a campaign would have to deal with), crisis communications and strategy, public affairs counsel, and a mastery of tactics paired with the acute resources applied to an issue.  We have an intimate knowledge of the workings of Congress, the City of Houston, and every level of campaigns, from Presidential to City Council. 

We will only accept a limited number of clients.  It is our mission to serve a few clients with distinction and results, rather than many clients in mediocrity. To retain, Horizon Strategies, please email, or call 501-590-3365 or 202-657-6002.


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