Katherine Schwarzenegger Will Visit Houston

She’s made headlines recently because of the shocking behavior of her father, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who fathered a child with the family’s nanny.

However, Katherine Schwarzenegger deserves attention for her own positive spirit and bold accomplishments.

As author of “Rock What You’ve Got”  Schwarzenegger will headline the Rockin Resiliency Luncheon benefiting The Women’s Fund.

It’s scheduled to be held on October 15, 2011, at the Hilton Post Oak.

 For more information about this event please contact Karen Lee Goulding 713.851.3540 or by email at karen.lee.company@gmail.com

Here’s more about Katherine’s background:

Rock What You’ve Got

Katherine Schwarzenegger believes that every young girl should be encouraged to “rock what they’ve got.” She speaks candidly, openly, and honestly about the struggle to develop a healthy body image in today’s body-conscious society and the confidence it takes for young women to celebrate who they truly are. She guides young girls through their turbulent teens to womanhood while encouraging them to love their bodies, love themselves, and stay healthy. With her engaging and fun “secrets,” Katherine shares stories and tips to break the cycle of an unhealthy body image.

 Katherine Schwarzenegger is an author, a global activist, a student, the “big sister” every girl wishes she had, and the trusted, secret ally every mother needs. At the age of eighteen, while interning for Dove’s “Campaign For Real Beauty,” Katherine became aware of, and interested in, how prevalent the issue of body image is for young girls in America. Now twenty years old and living in Los Angeles, Katherine is at the forefront of a movement to inspire young women to recognize their true self worth. Katherine writes for various web outlets on body image and women activists here at home and abroad. She also blogs about body image and self-esteem for the ABC Family show Huge and is an open-ended columnist blogging for the California Women’s Conference website.

In addition, Katherine has been active in raising awareness of maternal mortality. At nineteen, she created the fashionable VIDA bags to increase awareness for global maternal mortality and partnered with the White Ribbon Alliance and CARE to diminish the staggering number of mothers worldwide dying during pregnancy and at childbirth. She also writes for various outlets about women activists in Africa and here at home.

Katherine is a communications major and gender studies minor at the University of Southern California.

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